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  Why Ceasareans are a Big Deal To You, Your Wife and Your Daughter
  VBAC Facts
   C-Sections are still very high in the US. Even though they are done
   often, they are major surgery and can have very serious complications
   and side effects for both the mother and the child.. which can be long
   lasting.. including death. " If hospitals can attend to the complications
   of C-Sections, they can attend to the complications of VBACS". VBACs
   research has proven, are better for the mom and the baby.. 


  Acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids, study finds

   Los Angeles Times, Feb. 2014

   Melissa Healy


 " Pregnant women have long been assured that acetaminophen can treat their aches, pains

  and fevers without bringing harm to the babies they carry. Now researchers say they have

  found a strong link between prenatal use of the medication and cases of attention-deficit

  hyperactivity disorder in children."




Study Finds Adverse Effects of Pitocin in Newborns

 ACOG, 2013

  New Orleans, LA --" Induction and augmentation of labor with the hormone oxytocin may not be as safe for full-term newborns as

  previously believed, according to research presented today at the Annual Clinical Meeting of The American College of Obstetricians

   and Gynecologists. Researchers say this is the first study of its kind to present data on the adverse effects of Pitocin use on newborns." 

    Finally, ACOG is acknowledging that the "standard of care for SO long for augmentation of labor" has adverse effects on the newborns. 

Adverse Effects of Pitocin on Newborn

Four Reasons Why Moving in Labor is Best!!!
From Birth Your Way!
Tuesday, Jan. 2012
The following article speaks to the advantages, reasons and results seen when
moms not only allowed, but encouraged to move around in labor. Staying active
and changing positions during labor has long been known to help the baby and the
mom move the process of birth along, without interventions and only exerting as
much effort and for only as long as the mom feels comfortable.
Movement has been proven... to not only speed up labor... but to actually be a 
comfort measure to help decrease the intensity of the contraction.


 Kids Who are Breastfeed Longer Have Higher IQ's
By Barbara Mandel
"Young children who were breastfed as infants scored higher on intelligence tests than
formula-fed kids, and the longer and more exclusively they were breastfed, the greate
the difference, say Harvard University researchers in a study published today in JAMA Pediatrics. 

IQ's and Breastfeeding

 Reasons to Wait Until Cord Stops Pulsating
Video of Penny Simpkin, long time childbirth researcher and advocate
speaks to the reasons to let the cord stop pulsating before clamping. 

Cord Clamping

  Midwives Improve Outcomes Says Cochrane Report
    Medscape, Aug 2013
    The Cochrane Report, one of the most trusted research organizations in the US, has just come out
    acknowledging that  the midwifery model of care has better outcomes for both the mother and the
    baby the the "medical model" of childbirth.!!! 

Midwifery Model of Care


The First Hour Following Birth: Don’t Wake the Mother!
by Michel Odent

This is wonderful article by Michel Odent, a world famous natural childbirth advocate.

Mr. Odent speaks to the importance of the hour immediately following the birth of a

child and the reasons why this time frame is so critical for BOTH the mom and the baby. 

First Hour After Birth